New Smoke Alarm Rules For 2017

AlarmsFrom 1 January 2017 new smoke alarm legislation applies in all Queensland dwellings. Depending on your circumstances you may need to upgrade your smoke alarms now, and over a period of time all alarms in Queensland will have to meet the rules.

You can read the full rules in this pdf here (opens in a new window)

To summarise the additions to existing legislation:

- Homes For Sale or Lease: Must meet the new rules when smoke alarms are being replaced in addition to meeting existing rules.

- New Homes: Will have to meet the new rules as part of the development process.

- Existing Homes: When smoke alarms are replaced they must be replaced with new photoelectric smoke alarms meeting the relevant standards, and correct positioning. All smoke alarms that fail testing must be replaced immediately, and all hardwired smoke alarms must be replaced by hardwired photoelectric equivalents.

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